Vintage, a genuine chalkpaint

The gem of decorative painting

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The gem of decorative painting. Vintage, a genuine chalk paint

 Truly highlighting “The Charm of Chalk”, Autentico Vintage Furniture Paint is the master class. It is the perfect model for what it really means to use chalk in your paint. 

Our first paint and certainly what we are most famous for is highly porous, rich in colour and perfect to use with our range of decorative products

  • Superior chalk paint, highly pigmented, great for up-cycling restorations and makeovers
  • Available in all 200+ Autentico colours
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spraying system, no intensive preparation needed
  • Covers 10-13 m2 / L
  • Adheres to almost any substrate
  • Vintage chalk paint is porous and needs sealing with our deco-varnish or waxes
  • Create stunning effects with a combination of our Creative Powders, Decoupage, Crackle Glaze or our Craquelure system
  • To cover tannin-rich wood, such as oak, pine and chestnut, we recommend applying a coat of our Stainblocking Primer to avoid the risk of bleeding-through.

A French "deux-corps" cabinet painted with Vintage, colour Dutch Blue (exterior) and Vintage, colour Gustavian Blue (interior).

Ageing technique with stencils and Creative Powders

Cupboard painted with Vintage, colour Vert Anglais and fnished with clear wax

Be Creative

With Vintage and our range of decorative products, there are hardly any limits to your creative possibilities.


Highly porous and rich in colour.


In our factory, we reuse as much as possible. We want to have as little impact on the environment as possible, without compromising the quality of our award-winning products.