Furniture painting

Painting furniture is fun and very rewarding. But you need to know what kind of finish you want to achieve. Below we created three main categories to help you pick the right product. Whether you want a smooth finish, a finish with decorative elements or want to go wild, we got you covered.

Furniture Paint -Versante

All-in-one paint, no sealing needed and easy to apply. That’s our Versante

Painting is easy with Autentico Versante. This all-in-one paint only needs a minimum of preparation. It has a build-in UV filter, so your colours won’t fade. Versante is washable too, it has a Scrubclass I certificate and is childsafe.

Versante creates a perfect finish on kitchen and bathroom cupboards and adheres to many other surfaces. Versante is available in a Matt and Eggshell finish. Read more>>>>

The gem of decorative painting. Vintage, a genuine chalk paint

Truly highlighting “The Charm of Chalk”, Autentico Vintage Furniture Paint is the master class. It is the perfect model for what it really means to use chalk in your paint. 

Our first paint and certainly what we are most famous for is highly porous, rich in colour and perfect to use with our range of decorative products. Read more>>>>

The next generation of furniture paint. Venice lime paint

Lime paint is a little unknown. But it has capabilities no other paint can come close to. Venice lime paint is anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. When Venice is applied on top of a coat of Autentico Vintage chalk paint, the results are very rewarding. Instant ageing will happen with a very charming texture. Just like Autentico Vintage chalk paint, Venice lime paint needs sealing with a coat of wax or Sealer. This last step makes the difference. You will love it. Read more>>>>