No prep, no glory... 

Although our products only require minimum preparation, the surface you are painting should be solid and free of grease and dust. Our range of preparation products is there to achieve maximum results.

Safely remove existing coatings with Bio Strip, our bio-based paint stripper

Standard paint removers contain chlorides and can be dangerous to use. 

Bio Strip is a safe alternative. Biodegradable but with a lot of power. You can remove all kinds of paints, waxes and varnishes. Just apply a coat of Bio Strip and see the magic happen. Some old-style paints and varnishes, such as solvent-based products, need extra treatment. In that case, you might need an extra coat of Bio Strip. Bio Strip also works if you want to achieve only the charm of natural wood. After applying Bio Strip and removing coats of paint, we strongly recommend cleaning the surface with Omniclean. Read more>>>

A lot more power than sugar soap. Omniclean is an industrial-grade solution for cleaning surfaces

Cleaning is one thing, but cleaning with Omniclean is something else. 

Where standard cleaning products leave traces of acidic or alkaline residue, Omniclean will prepare a surface ready to start painting on. Omniclean is powerful. We offer Omniclean in a 1 L bottle or a 250 ml recycled PET jar. For standard cleaning, just add 1 part Omniclean to 3 parts of water. If you want to clean a heavily stained surface, increase the dilution to 1 part Omniclean to 1 part of water.

Omniclean is stronger than sugar soap.

Prevent bleeding through on wood or uneven suction on walls with our low VOC stainblocking primer

Autentico only offers products that are sustainable but powerful. 

Working with water-based paints sometimes needs a bit of extra attention. Some species of wood, such as oak, pine and chestnut, contain tannins that will react when in contact with water-based paint. The result is a chemical reaction showing yellow/purple patches/stains on your precious work. This process is known as "bleeding through". Just apply a coat of our insulating primer to prevent this from happening. Autentico Stainblocking Primer is also needed to avoid uneven suction on walls after repairs. Read more >>>