Painting interior walls 

The colour of your walls defines the personality of both your home and yourself. The finish too. Are you into subtle tones, or more fan of bold colours?  A smooth finish or more rustic ? Are you the artisan type and your home too?  We offer you five main categories of wall finishes. From subtle to bold. From easy-going to wild. We got you covered.

Air-purifying and disinfecting ; Foresta wall- and ceiling paint

Foresta is an innovative photocatalytic wall- and ceiling paint. Neutralising bacteria, viruses and moulds, Foresta purifies the air, making your home or offices healthy havens. Read more>>>

Subtle and Matt; Velvet wall- and ceiling paint

Velvet is our super-matt paint for walls and ceilings. Velvet is fully washable and easy to retouch. Easy to apply and with a superb coverage . Read more>>>

All-in-one; Versante furniture and wall paint

Versante is a true all-in one paint. Covers tiles, wood and walls. Both interior and exterior. Want to paint wooden skirting boards and walls in one go? Go for Versante. Read more>>>

Smooth and textured; Venice lime paint

Lime paint is not only anti-allergic and antibacterial. It delivers stunning effects on walls and furniture . It is fun to paint with Venice. Long live creativity. Read more>>>

Stunning and artistic; Volterra lime plaster

Volterra is something special. It is a thickened lime paint that needs smoothing out with a small trowel. Not for the faint-hearted? Not at all. The results are instant rewarding. Read more>>>