Foresta: innovative, 

air-purifying and disinfecting

Foresta for a healthy environment; neutralises bacteria, moulds, viruses (inc. Covid-19) and dangerous substances such as Formaldehyde

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Air-purifying, disinfecting and zero-VOC: Foresta Purifying Paint

Introducing Foresta, an innovative, patented,  air-purifying paint that transforms your spaces into environmentally friendly and healthy havens.

Foresta actively breaks down moulds, bacteria, viruses, inc. Covid-19 and many other harmful substances, such as Formaldehyde. It ensures you can breathe without the downsides of regular paint.

Create your own beautiful and safe space that is suitable for everyone, including yourself, your children, family, employees, guests, and professional associates. You can find detailed information about the revolutionary properties of this photocatalytic paint on the dedicated website

Due to the high content of Titanium-Dioxide, the coverage and masking power of Foresta Purifying Paint is extremely high. Average coverage is 13 m2/L per coat. You need two coats to create a perfect matt finish. 

Foresta Purifying Paint is available in a selected range of Autentico, RAL , British Standard and NCS colours.

You might need to apply Foresta Fixative before painting with Foresta Purifying Paint.

Foresta Purifying Paint is free from volatile organic compounds (VOC's)*.  

(*) What are VOC's? 

VOC's, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are essentially solvents, emitted as vapours into the air from certain products or processes. VOC's are present in many items commonly found in the home: from deodorants to carpets, not simply paints.

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) has released at statement about VOC’s in paint:

“It is impossible to ensure that every batch of paint is completely free of VOC's  [as even water can contain trace amounts of VOC] just like it is impossible to ensure that every batch of a chocolate bar is nut-free because of the potential for trace nuts to be introduced at any point throughout the supply chain.”

Our production facilities and paint recipes are designed around the production of VOC-free paint. However, based on the BCF statement, there might be traces of VOC (less than 0,1%) found due to the nature of our supply chain.

  • Superior air-purifying and disinfecting  wall and ceiling paint.  Photocatalytic, actively neutralizes bacteria, viruses (inc. Covid-19), moulds and formaldehyde.
  • Available in a selection of Autentico colours and RAL and NCS colours
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or spraying system, no intensive preparation needed
  • Covers approx.13 m2 / L
  • Scrub Class I washable and easy to retouch
  • Built-in UV filter 
  • In case repairs on walls have been carried out or in case of stained walls, we recommend applying a coat of Foresta Primer/Fixative before painting with Foresta to avoid uneven suction.

Baby rooms need to stay safe and healthy. Foresta Purifying Paint helps to achieve this. Wall painted with Foresta, colour Rose White

Hotel lobby's and reception areas face a lot of human traffic. Heavy traffic means a risk of contamination. Painting walls with Foresta Purifying Paint reduces this risk significantly. 

Foresta is the perfect choice for painting prefab units in a factory or on site. With a viscosity balanced to modern spraying equipment, zero VOC releases, high yields and packaging made for high volume output, Foresta has everything it takes to withstand high production flows. The eco footprint is outstanding, the same is the large volume pricing.

Foresta Purifying Paint uses a patented technology  to ensure the powerful photocatalytic process continues  for years to come, without affecting the paint finish itself.

Foresta has been tested by leading scientific agencies and laboratories and is certified as food safe and approved as actively neutralising bacteria, viruses and moulds.

One of the key elements of photocatalysis is the use of a powerful catalyst. Together with sunlight and silver salts, we use Titanium Dioxide that has been modified using state-of-the-art nano technology.

Foresta: innovative, 

air-purifying and disinfecting

Foresta for a healthy environment; neutralizes bacteria, mould, viruses (inc. Covid-19) and dangerous substances such as Formaldehyde

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