Foresta Primer/Fixative 1L

This Primer/Fixative is needed when you want to apply Foresta Purifying Paint on new walls (dry wall/brickwork/plaster) or on walls with uneven suction (in case of repairs). Dilute 1 L Primer/Fixative with 2-3 parts water to create a perfect bridging coat. Let dry for 4-6 hours before applying two coats of Foresta Purifying Paint.

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    Foresta primer/fixative

    Foresta Primer/Fixative is designed to work as an undercoat for Foresta Purifying wall paint. By applying Primer/Fixative before painting with Foresta you avoid:

    • uneven suction when applying paint on walls that have been repaired.
    • less adhesion on new walls that haven't been painted before (dry wall/plaster/brickwork).
    • adhesion issues when painting Foresta on walls that have been painted with old-style latex or any other paint with a gloss finish. We also recommend applying a coat of Primer/Fixative in case you don't know what kind of paint has been used before.

    When diluted with 2-3 parts water, Foresta Primer/Fixative covers between 13-16 m2/L. When you use a full 1 L bottle of Primer/Fixative and add 3 parts water, you can prepare a complete room of 4 x 4 meter and 3 meter high. That's the size of a relative large bedroom.